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“Do tattoos put a risk on your job?”

By Chontel Once the realm of sailors and bikies, tattoos are now completely the norm with everyone from doctors and lawyers to politicians and bank clerks donning some form of body art. The question is, where do you stand when … Continue reading

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The Kings Speech Review

By Lesley Rickman Released boxing day last year, The King’s Speech was always going to be a runaway success. With the acting talents of Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter there wasn’t much chance of anything being lacking … Continue reading

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Galgabba Point Landcare – Making a difference!

By Brent O and Lesley Rickman The Galgabba Point Landcare project, located in an esthetic peninsula in South Swansea, is an initiative created by Sharon McCarthy when her concern for the endangered species of both flora and fauna specific to … Continue reading

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Destress – Breath Deep

By Lesley Rickman It’s no secret that modern life comes with its little stresses. Whether you have a full time job or are looking for work chances are there’s something giving you worry and taking its toll on you both … Continue reading

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Procrastination – Enemy of the Job Seeker

By Lesley Rickman The number one enemy of the job seeker – procrastination. We all want it to be easy. We all want that perfect job to just fall into our laps but is it going to happen while we’re … Continue reading

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