Procrastination – Enemy of the Job Seeker

By Lesley Rickman

The number one enemy of the job seeker – procrastination. We all want it to be easy. We all want that perfect job to just fall into our laps but is it going to happen while we’re sitting for hours on end updating facebook statuses or counting change to buy a beer down the pub?

It’s easy to get distracted while searching for jobs or trying to update your resume. It always feels as if there’s more time but there are only so many hours in the day and before you know it those hours have turned into days and those days pretty soon add up to weeks, months and years.

One way to stop the procrastination cycle is to set yourself daily goals and deadlines within which to achieve a certain number of things, not allowing yourself to log on to facebook or youtube until your other tasks are complete. A little self discipline and a system of rewards can help with that ever allusive motivation that might have been missing from your life. Sometimes just getting yourself into work mode at home is enough to make others see that responsible, disciplined side of you too. Making the struggle to find full time work all the more bearable.

Procrastination, it has a place we just have to make sure we know where that place is.

Do you procrastinate? what helps you stop procrastinating and focusing on getting things done?


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