Galgabba Point Landcare – Making a difference!

By Brent O and Lesley Rickman

The Galgabba Point Landcare project, located in an esthetic peninsula in South Swansea, is an initiative created by Sharon McCarthy when her concern for the endangered species of both flora and fauna specific to the area reached a high.

The past eleven years have seen a continuing effort to undergo bush regeneration with the help from the community, including, volunteers from various organisations such as Mission Australia and interested job seekers.

Sharon McCartney is more than just the co-ordinator of this project. The Galgabba Point Landcare project has become her life in some respects. McCarthey’s dedication is such that she actually gave up her full time employment so as to dedicate even more of her time to this worthwhile enterprise of improving and protecting the Galgabba Point area.

It was 1998 when the extent to which the area was falling into disrepair was recognised. It was then that the community began to look into the best way of reforming the area but it wasn’t until 2007 that McCarthy procured a $20 000 funding grant from the Commonwealth Government after vast and varied lobbying.

The grant assisted in the acquisition of many worthwhile facilities to assist with the ongoing conservation efforts; however, most projects are not without their setbacks and 2010 saw The Galgabba Point Lancare Projects first major setback. Mindless Vandels attacked the site destroying much of the facilities the grant had managed to buy.

Vandels were unfortunately not the only problem the project has had to contend with. When the project began the area was overcome with destructive weeds such as bitou bush and lantana which required constant backburning. The area was also being used as a virtual landfill. Both the waste and the weeds have since been tamed and the natural beauty of the area is once again shining through.

Some of the daily activities that volunteers might expect to undergo include the clearing and spraying of weeds, planting trees and plants, spreading mulch and of course learning more about the native flora and fauna the group is trying so hard to keep safe.
Australia is a place of varied terrain and environments, most of which is considered desert. Much of our bushland is being lost to housing developments as well as logging and commercial enterprises. With so little of our natural environment lost now is the time to really step up and conserve and protect what we do have left. Our native plants and animals are counting on us fight for them, not allowing them to become but a memory of what our great land once contained. We can’t change what’s happened in the past but we do have a say in our future so make your voice heard. To be part of the solution is the best gift you can give future generations.

If you would like to find out more or are thinking about volunteering your services to the Galgabba Point Landcare Project you can contact Sharon directly at the site on – 0249715402


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