About Us

The Foreshore Review is a Community Newspaper which is sent to a multitude of businesses that encompass all areas of Newcastle and is going from strength to strength in content, reader numbers and skill set.

Each edition is sent to thousands of businesses online in PDF format which not only allows for easy readability but also allows for much greater distribution of this publication. This not only showcases the high level of job seekers that are part of ORS, but also gives businesses a chance to showcase themselves through story content.

Permission is sought from any business, charity or community group before they are featured within any article.

Our printed and pdf version of the newspaper strongly believes that each and every client that is part of ORS would be an invaluable asset to any business, and would welcome any business to contact them in regards to possible employment opportunities for their clients, business story content or advertising possibilities.

Our blog has the sole purpose of highlighting articles that have been published in the newspaper as well as creating new posts that encourage our readers to comment and share their opinions.
You may subscribe to our blog or send us an email if you wish to receive a copy of the newspaper (online or the printed version).

You can always find previous editions of The Foreshore Review at anytime, just follow the ‘Downloads’ link!


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