Job Seekers

Do you have a job vacancy? In need or staff? Traineeship or an apprenticeship?

Below are some of our job seekers who are currently looking for work.
Please contact ORS Charlestown (02 4040 9300) for more information on our Job Seekers and….

Dave G 
Upbeat, enthusiastic and outgoing, Dave G has a awesome photographic ability with the skill to keep everyone entertained. He has contributed much to the Foreshore Review and his photographs have accentuated countless articles in both print and online blogs. 

Phill G
Phil G is a man with a passion for the aged care industry and caring for the elderly. A unique trait for such a young man he has overcome adversity to regain nearly 100% mobility after a tragic accident left him unable to walk. Phil has found employment.  

Lisa is a enthusiastic person who is looking for work in the retail industry, she has strong interpersonal skills and works extremely well as part of a team. Lisa has gained employment.

Mathew M
Mathew is a customer service guru, with over seven years retail experience, he moved to Newcastle from Tamworth for better job prospects which just shows he is totally committed to finding employment. He is an avid sportsman who would be a exceptional addition to the retail industry. 

Daniel S
Daniel is an outgoing, enthusiastic guy with an interest in the hospitality industry. He is has started an apprenticeship as a chef and we have no doubt he will shine in this industry. 

Joseph B
Joseph is extremely handy with all things mechanical, electrical and automotive. He is first to lend a hand when anything needs to be repaired. Joseph is extremely keen to get a job within the automotive industry.

Kurt B
Kurt is seeking work in painting or roof tiling, he is an avid sportsman and extremely fit. He is available for work immediately.!

Brent O
With a keen interest in medicine, Brent O has experience as a nurse, and would very much like to further his career in medicine with study.

Christina G
Christina has advanced business administration experience and is proficient in many facets of computer usage and would be a valuable asset to any office. Christina is available for work immediately.

Amber H
Extremely friendly and upbeat, Amber has previous experience within hospitality but would be extremely keen to gain employment within the retail sector.  

Allan B
Allan is a music managing maestro, having years of band management experience has giving him a keen interest in the marketing sector. Currently, he is involved in marketing children at risk.


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